AND i AM a Storyteller

I use words and images to convey what I see and feel

I grew up on the streets of Philadelphia shining shoes as a kid in my ole mans tap room. I walked the streets, rode the subways and el trains to avoid going to school. I was an abused kid who was always looking for the next predator. I watched people, listened to conversations and read body language. I escaped the neighborhood truant officers when I learned how to use the Amtrak train rails and soon walked the streets in Times Square and up and down Manhattan. I wanted to be a part of the city but I didn't know why.

I landed in NYC in my late 20s and went to FIT, Parsons, Stella Adler/Actors Studio and Germain school of Photography. I lived In hells Kitchen and honed my street photography skills by chasing the scanner and studying people.

I am alone now, the most comfortable I have been in my entire life, no family and no contact with any one. I subconsciously designed myself into a solitary existence where its just me. The time I have left is mine. I don't have to sacrifice, worry, love or care for anyone ever again. The disappointments turned into pain, the pain turned to fear the fear turned to anger the anger turned into misunderstanding the misunderstanding turned to solitude. I don't attach to anyone anymore. The most certain uncertainty in life is loss, death and pain, its hard to avoid and for some even harder to endure or even face. I find kindness in strangers, it lasts for the moment, no promises no expectations, no disappointment no past and no future. My love is in the beauty of the human experience, I am done being a participant and just want to disappear behind my lens.

I am


“The Pictures are there, you just have to take them”

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